Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A Glossary of Rock-and-Roll Obsession

In honor of Anthology Film Archives' upcoming Mondo Fandom program, a series of films treating the more extreme forms of rock-and-roll enthusiasm, I've compiled a glossary of musical obsession as a guide to/review of the different entries in the series. The program runs from Sept. 3 - 6. The glossary can be found at The L Magazine.


alex p said...

Odd. I was thinking about a question that I wanted to ask and I thought you might have an opinion (tho it seems all you listen is jazz these days -- is that true? strictly?). Anyway -- it connected with the rock and roll obsession idea.
The question is have you listened to all the way through to Lou Reed's Live Take No Prisoners album? I mean, I can't listen to it straight thru, but I found it kind of brilliant in a way. I thought you were one of the people I know that might of actually listened to that record. Do you have an opinion?

andrew schenker said...

Hey Alex,

I haven't listened to the Take No Prisoners album. But I don't think I've ever listened to Metal Machine Music all the way through and perhaps that's brilliant in a way, too.