Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Reviews by Twos

My latest batch of reviews divides off nicely into pairs. Two films about thirtysomething women losing their boyfriends/husbands and jobs/social roles who are forced to rethink their life for Slant and two gory horror pictures for the Village Voice. Of greater note, though, is Tsui Hark's latest, The Flying Swords of Dragon Gate, in which the Hong Kong filmmaker tries his hand at 3-D IMAX filmmaking.

Hello, I Must Be Going (Slant)
The Flying Swords of Dragon Gate (Slant)
For a Good Time, Call... (Slant)
The Three Stooges (Little White Lies)
Serving Up Richard (Village Voice)
[Rec] 3: Genesis (Village Voice)
The Good Doctor (Indiewire)
Beauty is Embarrassing (Time Out New York)

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Maria Maria said...

This movie is a phenomenal experience for anyone interested in art of any kind. I saw it at the new Sundance Sunset in West Hollywood, a wonderful place, and rarely do we get such a blatantly honest lookinside the mind and life history of an artistic genius as well the worlds he currently lives and works in. I say worlds plural because Wayne has traversed many of them in his long and highly successful career, including three Emmys, and inhabits several of them still. If Wayne wasn't so scrupulously honest about his emotions he might be a wealthier man but that he always sticks to his guns is what makes him a great artist and a better person. No doubt his fellow genius wife had a lot to do with that. Thus my title, get it? abogado en linea abogado en linea psicologo en linea doctor en linea As a writer I enjoyed it immensely and found his rebirth as a rock star painter/poet to be uniquely inspiring. Watching the critics say "where the hell did this guy come from?" was priceless for anyone languishing to create something great while getting little recognition for it. Meeting him after the showing proved to be as funny and heartwarming as seeing him on the big screen. Do what you love well, have fun, make beauty, and never quit and the rest of it will work out!! Thanks again Wayne!