Thursday, May 31, 2012

Massive Catch-up Time

Well, it's been a couple of weeks since my last post, which means there are a ton of reviews to link here. Happily, I'm able to report that at least two of them are quite excellent, Wes Anderson's latest, Moonrise Kingdom, and the new near-masterpiece from Japanese master Sion Sono, Himizu. Unfortunately the latter is only opening in the U.K. at this time, but hopefully it will get a stateside release sooner rather than later. Also, of interest is my take on the Andy Garcia vehicle, For Greater Glory, with my objections to the film's implicit embrace of Catholicism seeming to have provoked a tad bit of controversy. Enjoy!

Himizu (Little White Lies)
Moonrise Kingdom (Slant)
Mighty Fine (Slant)
For Greater Glory (Slant)
6 Month Rule (Slant)
Wish Me Away (Village Voice)
High School (Village Voice)
One Day on Earth (Village Voice)
Pink Ribbons, Inc. (Time Out New York)
U.N. Me (Time Out New York)
Crooked Arrows (Time Out New York)

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