Friday, April 22, 2011

Tribeca 2011

This year's Tribeca Film Festival is underway. Slant Magazine's huge and ever-growing coverage is, as usual, the definitive guide to a confusingly vast and generally inconsistent event. Among the six films I reviewed, my faves are definitely The Miners' Hymns and the bizarro Underwater Love, but unlike in past years, I haven't found that one great movie (Still Life, Still Walking, The White Meadows) that makes the fest. I also wrote Slant's intro.

Introduction (Slant)
Beats, Rhymes and Life (Slant)
Bombay Beach (Slant)
Flowers of Evil (Slant)
The Miners' Hymns (Slant)
The Trip (Slant)
Underwater Love (Slant)

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