Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Bringing in the New Year (Belatedly)

My first six reviews of the New Year (all published this week) run a predictable gamut from the excellent (Zhao Liang's distressing exosé Petition) to the utterly vile (Burning Palms). Other links of note, the L Magazine's year-end poll in whose voting I participated as well as writing the blurb for Lourdes (#12) and my newly established critcWIRE page. Check back with the latter for my rapid-fire (letter grade) takes on contemporary movies, plus links to reviews.

Plastic Planet (Slant)
Burning Palms (Slant)
Petition (The L Magazine)
Twelve Thirty (Village Voice)
Every Day (Time Out New York)
I'm Dangerous with Love (Time Out New York)

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