Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Forced Incest at Gunpoint, Necrophilia (Sort Of), and the Shallow Lives of the Haute Bourgeoisie...

... plus regressive (and racist) nostalgia via Dan Pritzker's faux-silent Louis. To be sure, an off-putting group of subjects mark the films I reviewed this week, but there's one clear winner in the bunch. That would be the Deagol Brothers' teen zombie movie, Make-Out with Violence, a film infused with the tender yearning of youth (and hints of necrophilia). It opens this Friday at Brooklyn's new reRun Gastropub theater. Also, very much worth seeing is Claudia Llosa's The Milk of Sorrow which I reviewed last year during New Directors/New Films and which (finally) gets a theatrical release this week.

Change of Plans
Louis (Slant)
Make-Out with Violence (Village Voice)
Daniel and Ana (Village Voice)

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