Monday, June 2, 2008

The Wedding Director and Red Roses and Petrol

This week, I make my Slant Magazine debut with a pair of reviews - one positive, one overwhelmingly negative - covering two new releases. Marco Bellochio's wonderfully dreamy concoction The Wedding Director plays for a six days at the Museum of Modern Art in New York starting this Wednesday, while Tamar Simon Hoff's disastrous Red Roses and Petrol opens on Friday, June 27th in limited release.


SoMars: Literary Journal of Mayhem and Hysterics said...

Just read both of the articles Andrew...good stuff
Definitely more lively and concise than previous efforts...your writing and style and observations are growing I thinks

MRS said...

I too enjoyed your Salon reviews. The had a wonderful economy of thought and a strong and clear point of view. I look forward to future entries. The review of "Petals" made me wonder, what theatrical adaptations do you like, other than the ones mentioned in your review? And, do you think "Petals" was probably a bad play too or were it's problems more inherently cinematic?

andrew schenker said...

Thanks to you both.

I think that the probelms with Red Roses were both with the source material and the adaptation. Although I'm not familiar with the original play, based on the dialogue spoken in the film and the characters it struck me as singuarly forgettable. Then the filmmakers did little to transform the material into anything more memorable.

As for other theatrical adaptations that I like, two that come to mind are Robert Altman's Secret Honor and Come Back to the Five and Dime, Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean, the first available on Criterion DVD.

Fernando F. Croce said...

Elated to see your writing at Slant, Andrew. Great job on both reviews, though, as is often the case with the less mainstream offerings in my neck of the woords, I'll probably have to wait for the DVD to catch up with them. For now, your terrific analysis will do beautifully.

Keep up the great work.

andrew schenker said...

Thanks so much, Fernando.
It's certainly a pleasure to be writing for a publication of the level of quality of Slant.